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Moon and stars


I've been seeking the "best photograph ever" since I got my first SLR in high school and won a couple of kodak gold keys... I was hooked. I always had a camera with me through 5 years in the Marines and developed countless rolls of film for others too. When I got married and had kids, I pretty much shelved the cameras and chemicals as my "darkroom ideas and time" became kids rooms and little league ate up my time -:- then came DIGITAL.
Soon I was shooting my son and daughter, then their freinds and soon the whole team. Scores of pictures turned into thousands. What used to fit on a cd would no longer fit on a DVD, then I found Smugmug where parents could find their kids pictures from the last 5 seasons. I could now shoot pictures to my hearts content and just delete what I didn't like... what a way to go.
I constantly view the world through a rectangular viewfinder. If there is a twelve step program for photographers, I don't want to know about it. I've won awards at the state fair, had some pictures blown up to wall size in the reworked Veterans Memorial, had pictures published but I still get my greatest thrill from seeing that next-best-picture that makes me think "wow" and want to go get another.
As I head into my second 50 years I find that I have a photographic memory- I have to see a photograph to remember, so I'm usually not too far from my camera and each day seems to reveal a new function or way to use it. I am a huge fan of photoshop to bring out detail and clarity but my goal is to have the shot composed before I push the button.
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